Firezone 8-Bit Emulation
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News for December 28, 2000: Finally got a few more sections up and running! Added a few more NES roms, Atari 7800 roms, and Colecovision roms. Next update will have Atari 5200 roms and more SMS/NES roms. Keep checking back, this will happen in a few days.
News for December 27, 2000: Hope everybody had a good Chirstmas. Added a few more NES roms today, and I finally got the Sega Master System roms online. I hope to have an Atari 7800 section up by the next update, which will be in a few days. Stay tuned!

Rom Count
ColecoVision 81
NES 232
SMS 171
Atari 7800 13

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